Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

February 8, 2009

Meet the Neighbors

We have stray cats that grace us with their presence. We also have a cat whisperer that comes over to our place every day around 5 and feeds tuna to about 6 cats. His name is Jim and he lives a few blocks away but comes each day to feed them, and they indeed await his arrival. He did mention that he is going to catch a few of them and have them fixed, so as to follow Bob Barker's advice and help control the pet population. I can't remember what he named this one. She is, however the first to greet him when he comes and hangs outside our place by the garden quite a bit.

This is Jethro. He wont go near humans, even Jim. He has to place his food underneath a car for him to eat it. Oh kitty kitty

All I can say is that these guys out number the cats by far. They all get along well together, especially at night for the feast. Im warming to them, but would prefer for them to remain on the river banks where I see them during the day. What should I name this guy? He doesn't seem to be shy at all. As soon as I get over my fear of an attack, I will be more comfortable at night at our new place.

See, even raccoons blink at the flash

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Jenny said... word- CREEPY!
I'm soooo not down with stray cats or wild animals, even if they're small. I'd be scared too!

Petertammenson said...

Hey, I'm glad you met the cat whisperer - he's really nice - and nice to know he has a name too. Laurel loves those feral cats!

Petertammenson said...

Hey, I'm glad the cat whisperer has a name. He is really nice and Laurel loves those cats of his.

keli b said...

So glad you have a blog. Love the belly! Have fun in the new apartment.

LynDee said...

Hey, it is so good to catch up on you! Such a cute prego mama! I ran into your mom at Costco and she told me you were expecting...congrats. My very boring blog is! Love ya