Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

February 1, 2009

Town Lake

This is the view from our family room. See the water?!!
This is our garden and the view from our bedroom. Its actually a community garden but I love it. We were feeling pretty guilty today as we sat inside, watching TV, eating fattening food while our asian neighbors spent ALL day out there working.
This is our backyard. Pretty awesome if you ask me
This is the lake that runs through the town. They call it a lake but its more like a river. No motor boats or swimming allowed. I see people fishing and lots of swans haning out. The popular thing to do is row, canoe, etc. The best part is the trail that runs along the side of it. Its miles and miles long- and runs on both sides. Its VERY popular for running/biking/walking, you name it. A running company has water stops every few miles for everyone's use. We are so lucky to be this close to it and all of my coworkers and friends are jealous..
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Angela said...

yes I am jealous of the locale of your new digs...let's get together some time...what ya got goin on this week?