Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

May 26, 2009

Status Update

2 weeks into this thing, forever to go? We are happy and life is good so far. Baby is healthy and happy. When she is awake, she is totally awake if that makes sense. Same goes for when she is asleep. Her awake time is increasing while her feeding time is decreasing. She is more efficient at eating which I am grateful for, especially at 3am! She looks all around and really enjoys lights and finding her hands. We are just loving her up and feel really blessed to have such a healthy baby.

Jerry is well. He would argue this point, but I will say that he is doing fabulous in his program. This last semester he did really well in his classes and is also doing some great writing. He is working for a great group of people as well. This summer he is very busy with classes and work but its just what he needs to be doing right now and he is doing great work. I'm very proud of him.

I am adjusting to life at home. Its been an interesting transition. I admit to a small part of me missing work, but only a very small piece! Going from 50-60 hours a week outside of the home to 160 hours a week inside the home has its pros and cons, however, I would not change it for the world and I am loving taking care of the most precious things to me in the world, my family. I have found the joy that the leaders of my church talk about that comes from within the walls of my own home. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. When I get tired and feel like I just cant get up to feed her, or my back is aching from being busy all day, I know where to turn to for help. I know that the challenges will be changing continuously and I am so thankful to know that I have constant help that never fails.


Jenny said...

Love all the updates :) keep em coming. It's amazing how much sleep you lose and much you're worn out, that baby still makes your heart melt at 3am huh?! She's gorgeous! Love that picture of her on your friend's blog too.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

You are so right Jen. I totally remember going from teaching full time up till the day I had Justin, to being home 24-7...yeah kinda a shock at first, but soon you'll be like a little mommy machine and it you won't even remember what it was like leaving everyday to go and do something that just gives you monetary gains...NOW you're doing something that will change you and your family eternally!! SO GREAT! I LOVED TALKING TO YOU yesterday. Oh, and the interview went really step at a time?

Tiff and Brian said...

Jen is that really you talking?

The Milletts said...

Hey you!!! You look great!!!!! Sounds like you are adjusting to all this Mother stuff!!!!! It really is such a wake up call for all of us!! There will be days you are begging to go back to work just for a break and there will be days that you will thank your lucky stars that you get to stay home and raise your kids and teach them how to be wonderful little ones! I never thought I could stay home and raise my kids but I can't imagine having had someone else raise my kids full time but me! anyway, keep up the good work and I you need a friend I will always be here!!