Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

October 23, 2009

Parents in town- Wahoo!

I love having my mom and dad in town. Its like a vacation at my own house so I dont have to pack/unpack, do laundry, etc. Plus its a cost saving technique as well because we eat out on Papa's dime! Here are some of the adventures
We went to the Salt Lick- a BBQ place just outside of Austin. It was awesome! We had to wait awhile for a table but they have an outdoor area with live music, picnic tables, and lots of beer that people bring themselves. We couldnt figure out why in the world a restaurant wouldn't seel the alcohol and make money. Later we found out that the restaurant is in a dry county. Not only in Utah I guess.
My dad was in heaven! Mia really warmed to them well and was all smiles after only a few minutes. She thinks papa is pretty funny
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