Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

November 26, 2009


  This is Mia going for a run with Jerry. In the mornings before the sun warms things up it can be a little chilly, but I may have over done it. Anyone thinking A Christmas Story?
  All of you just be thankful that your kitchen isnt this small when you prepare your next holiday meal
  Mia LOVES her daddy. Its always playtime when he is around
  We had some single folks from church over for Thanksgiving dinner. This is Zarney and she could be the most sweet, uplifting, positive person on the planet! Every person needs a Zarney in their life. She is pretty amazing.
Hope everyone's holiday was well! Dinner was okay. The corn didnt actually make it from the stove to the table and the gravy was runny but other than that it went off pretty well.
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Jenny said...

Good job doing the whole meal on your own! Mia is SOOO adorable Jen! I love the pics in the post before this too in her seat. What a doll- can't wait to play with her! Ha, in December you'll have another Addison to play with :) she also loves to give babies loves and I'm sure she'll love Mia!

Clay, Steph & Parker said...

What a cutie!!! Mia and Parker have got to be friends. Maybe they can do shot put at Snowcrest someday :)

Angela said...

will you please update your blog??