Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

January 29, 2010

Living Holiday to Holiday

It seems like I only live during holidays according to the blog but that isn't so. Lots of living is going on in-between! Especially now that its the non-holiday time of year, I better figure out how to live without them. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. As many of you know, we were in Utah for lots of it and had fun in the snow. Jerry came and went throughout the month, so we really were together for the most part. The grandparents definitely had a good time and I'm still trying to get the slobber off my child. We had a chance to go snow boarding, lots of sledding, many nights in the hot tub, and family, family, family. I am realizing I was way more in to what we were doing than taking photos, which I'm okay with.

Here is what I did catch:

This is Hardware Ranch up by Logan, Utah. Lots of elk come down every winter and they started this ranch because the elk were going down and bothering farms/homes etc. So they made this place and feed them all winter. I havent been here since childhood so it was fun for me. Mia was less than enthused..not sure why!

Just some fun pics of the fam

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