Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

March 2, 2010

Bring on Easter!

Mia's first cadbury egg. She cried when it was all over and I put the last piece in my mouth. She was sucking the creme out for all it was worth!  
My mom is coming the first of April for my birthday, Easter, grandbaby, etc....yay!!! I LOVE when my mom comes, and so do my neighbors! She tends to feed the crowd and her food is amazing. If only she could bring her kitchen with her...

I totally understand why people just put pictures of their kids up. You just cant get enough of your own child. Mia is obviously well, but Jerry and I are well also. We dont see much of Jerry but we know he is working so hard and we support him 100%. He has had a run of bad luck the last two weeks and has been pretty sick but now seems to be on the mend. As you can imagine, he doesnt have an easy time resting and staying down-- too much to do!
I have been working a bit for Valerie (pediatrician) and I like it but miss Mia. For the most part, I would say its healthy for us both and I have some amazing neighbors that let Mia nap and play at their house. As she crawls around and realizes she can travel, Jerry and I just watch her with amazement and cant believe she is ours. She talks nonstop and has more personality than she can contain. She truly is the most joyful experience.

Bring on Spring! (stay away Texas heat...)
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Reianna Cambridge said...

So cute! We love those eggs at our house too. She really has one of the best smiles!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

Oh geez, this is super cute!! We've already eaten a couple of those at our house too...shoot, why are they so good???

Jenny said...

I love all your posts and updates- keep em coming! Love that cute Mia, she's such a doll! So happy and darling- yay for your mom coming next month!

keli b said...

Yes it is so nice when moms come to visit. Also I totally feel ya about not seeing your hubby, we are in the same boat, just gotta keep thinking it will all be worth it someday. Miss you hope to see you in July!!

Angela said...

you are such a great mom!! love and miss ya...have fun with mama in a few weeks!!