Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

March 24, 2010

Spring Day.. oh.. I mean break

We did make it out to have some fun one day of Jerry's spring break. He is working so hard right now to finish his comprehensive paper (100 pages plus). For Jerry's birthday I got him a pass with lessons to the rowing center here by our house. He went and got started and didnt realize how technical rowing is. I hope he keeps going. The best part about it is he has unlimited access to canoes and kayaks too for 6 months!
This is the greenbelt. Its a nice shaded trail with a creek flowing next to it. Mia isnt too sure about the pack but she will get used to it.
Happy mama and baby
She was in heaven in the canoe! She is perfect size to stand and hold on. She was singing, talking, just loving life. The temperature was perfect too. We will definitely have to do this more before it gets hot
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Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

HOW FUN! What a great gift, I should be more creative with stuff like that. Happy B-day Jerry! And Jenny, yours is just around the corner!!!