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June 10, 2010

Family Trip to Northern Cal


We had such a good time visiting Jerry's dad and stepmom this past week. It rained and was cool the entire time, and we loved it (Texans will understand why)! We had lots of family time, watched lots of movies, and Mia had entertainment from someone other than her momma all day. Mia had a puking incident on the way to town one day and as her father was dry heaving from the smell and tearing apart the car seat, we went to Wal-Mart, the only clothing store in the town, to get Mia some warm clothes to replace the ones she had on and the store lady said it was summer and they didnt have any warm clothes for kids! I didnt believe her because it is always cool in Crescent City with a high chance for rain. Not a single long sleeved item for kids in the whole store...except the clearance rack, where I found the awesom Sacramento Kings sweatsuit. She rocked it and the way to the beach and dinner. She didnt even mind being called a boy. I dont know if Jerry will ever recover from the "incident". Mia learned to play with and say "kitty", but sounds more like "keykey". It was such a great time. Thanks again Bill and Chris!
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