Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

July 3, 2010

June= ick ick ick


This picture pretty much sums up the month. We've been trapped! I started working one day a week for Valerie (pediatrician) and I'm bringing home every bug possible! Mia and I coughed for weeks(pertussis negative for the record:)). Then Mia had some virus that gave her a fever for 6 days. Then I have some annoying health issues through the 4th of July. Throw in a lot of teething and bumps from falling and there you have June. Kind of glad to see it go. Poor kid is tired of her toys, books, me, this list goes on and on. She is even tired of getting into stuff she knows is off limits! I hope I can shake things up enough for a few more weeks then its off to Utah where she wont have a dull moment!
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