Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

April 10, 2011


Yes, I planted a garden. First thing Ive planted in the ground my life. My closest relatives would say that my feet arent even planted on the ground so there you go. Its not really a hobby but as the little buds start popping up Im getting a little excited. I realized that thr prep work for the soil is WAY harder than planting things in the ground. I have had lots of help/advice from my fellow community gardeners. The advice is in chinese but Im understanding what it is they are wanting me to do by following hand gestures. I need to eat something out of it before I will venture to call it a success.

Mia is obsessed with salsa. Not just any salsa, HOT salsa. In this partuicular picture, I thought this salsa was so so hot and she was trying to pick it up by the fistfuls. We can thank her dad for teaching her that most fine foods can be dipped into something. For now, she is falling for dipping chicken into cottage cheese, which is better than BBQ sauce that she gets when her dad is in charge. I think she realized that this salsa was a little hot because she was trying to wipe her teeth and she was breathing heavy in her mouth. Then she drank almost my whole glass of ice water. Silly girl. I love her

Friend! It has been so much fun to watch her develop friendships and recognize people as friends. When I tell her we are going to church, she starts naming of the kids in nursery with her. This friend is Teresa. She is a neighbor girl that Mia playes with a lot. She is 3 and showing Mia the big girl ropes. Its also fun to watch Mia realize that her friends have other friends besides her. The other day she attempted to guard her friend from another little girl by wrapping her arms around her and scrunching her face and yelling "mine" over and over again.
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