Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

June 1, 2012

Bday present for Mia

I forgot to mention Mia and Jerry's date to Toy Story 3 on ice for Mia's bday. We have not taken her to something like this because I think its dumb to pay for a little kid that would be just as happy at the park, but she LOVES toy story 3 and popcorn and her dad, so we went for it. I am SO glad we did. Now I know why people pay for that crap. It blew her mind. She didnt take her eyes off the skaters and talked the entire time. She new the story and what was coming up and was SO into it, so Im told. When she got home she was talking faster than her brain was going as she was trying to tell me all about it. Great mom moment. I wanted to cry I was so happy that she was so happy and had so much fun. She is still talking about the show she went to with her dad. So, here's to spending a ridiculous amount of money for a priceless reaction and happy kid.

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