Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

June 13, 2012

BIG reason I will miss Austin

Dr. Valerie Wheelock (and her new babe, Oslo)
She has been my boss, mentor, friend, confidant, pediatrician (more like THE baby/toddler whisperer), and a generous auntie to my babies. I cannot giver her enough credit in words to express how much she has taught me, not only as a nurse and a professional, but as a mom. I never thought I could love a job more than the one I had on the infant unit at PCMC, but I was wrong. I never thought I would like community health but I love it! I find it so practical and full of knowledge that I use daily and can share with others. She has always been so gracious and kind with her time, energy, and knowledge. She has showered me with love, food, parties, and the cutest clothes ever for the girls! I am so lucky to know her and have a friend in her forever. Thank you Val. xixi

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