Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

July 11, 2012

Utah 2012

Neighbor's pool- Thanks Burrows!

Paradise known as Eden

Sleepover on papa's boat

 Just watchin our shows

Love me some R &A

Happiest baby on the block. Not too big of a fan of the life jacket though...

This is more like it:)

Badmitton anyone?

Peek a boo with papa

Drake- a highlight for Mia

The horse was fun to feed carrots to until Mia jammed her hand up the horse's throat.

Uncle Rhett is fun!

picking strawberries and peas at the neighbors

and they had this cool toy in their yard!

Lincoln at the splash pad

Lyndy, my best friend forever

Fireworks over the lake on the boat

4th of July breakfast

This was a frequent occurance. Poor kids got sick for part of the trip.

Lagoon! Great kiddie rides

Not a peep from this one at Lagoon.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Amanda said...

Bri is turning into a little blonde! I noticed on Sunday but didn't get a chance to talk to you. We will definitely miss you here in Austin, but we're excited for you as well.

Jenny said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! Glad we could see you, but sad we missed Mia. Good luck on the next adventure!