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August 5, 2012

First few days in Bmore

We made it. Our apartment is SO great. Couldnt get better. Nice residential area with character, and a place that is nicer than the last. That's the goal, right? First item on the agenda--find any and all kids activities that are cheap or even better, free. I have one month until Mia starts preschool. I can do it... Turns out the Baltimore City public library system has SO many programs for kids and two sites that are pretty much museums for kids under 5, all for free. Bmore really seems to  be pumping money into the rising generation, and Im loving it. We also found out that the swim club in our neighborhood that is exclusively for members and could be straight out of the movie Dirty Dancing has two days a week that are for members of our neighborhood where we can swim for free. There is a baby area and a playground and its just fabulous. They will be seeing us ALOT.

Mia's area in the front room. We bought some cheap table legs from Ikea and cut them in half to make this a kids table. We already had the tabletop. I was pretty proud of myself. (more DIY projects to come..)

Bri bruising her feet and knees crawling ALL over the place

Artscape! A big festival in Bmore every Summer. Took the train down. It was fun!

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Heidi said...

How lucky are you that you get to move from one funky/artsy town to another? So glad it's turning out well for you. Miss you!