Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

When the hurricane was coming, we hit the panic button. Since we just moved, we only had a few days of food supply and no water. So, we hit the stores 4 days before and got what we needed. I was so glad we did. The day before the storm the stores were out of the essentials: batteries, water, generators, etc. The days of the storm we were able to sit tight. I had a dentist appt. the morning of the storm and my dentist wanted me there! So,  I went purely because my insurance was only good for 2 more days. When I left the dentist office and went and picked up the kids from a friends, it was starting to get crazy. The standing water was scary and the wind was unsettling. When I got home I hurried and cooked the ground beef we had and threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven to raise. I thought I had another day before the power would be gone. Not so lucky. An hour later it was out. There wasnt a whole lot of calmness going on in the house, which isnt surprising due to who Im married too..! Other than the power being out and some creepy wind, we werent really in danger. The trees swayed but none looked threatening to fall on us. Jerry helped the neighbors with their flooding basement, and then helped out apt. basement as water was creeping in. We mostly hung out with our neighbors in the hall and told jokes and watched the storm. The next day the power came on and we were so so happy. It really was a miracle and wasnt projected to come back for days. So many other people didnt have power, but for some reason, we did.  Blessed.
Cant find the kids in the house, and sure enough.. They are in the dark bathroom going to town!

 Cooking up some chicken we took out of freezer. Use it or lose it! Thankful for a gas stove!

Dress up the kids for fun, since Halloween is around the corner. Mia thinks being a dragon in the dark is scary and fun. She is so funny

Bring the bikes inside! Why not?!
 My cinnamon rolls, cooked pancake style. They were soooo good

2 days later, we couldnt take it any more. We went out and found some puddles and chatted with the neighbors.

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