Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

May 30, 2013

A wet/rainy FUN 4th birthday party

The party must go on. I made 60 cupcakes and wasnt about to do it again, so when rain was in the forecast for the bday party at the park, I asked Mia if it was okay if it rained at her birthday party. She paused, thought for a second, the exclaimed "I get to have a birthday RAINY party!! YAAYYY!. And so we lived it up, and it was a hit. We were all talking about how we are always saying no to puddle jumping and mud, but today was the day to say yes and let them at it. All the kids had so much fun. Only a few moms were dismayed and left promptly when they came around the corner and saw the party atmosphere. Some things are just too much fun for some people. Too bad for them (and there kids..)
Pics are pretty lame, but the memories are great!

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