Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

May 30, 2013

Preakness 2013

Little did I know I live next to a national landmark. Our apt. is 2 blocks from the Pimlico race track. I didnt know until my mom was out last fall and I told her we lived next to this random horse track and our street name is pimlico and there is something called Preakness that happens in May. She about died. Well, now having lived through the preakness weekend, I know all about it. I went to the morning workout a few days before the race and saw the action. Really really cool.

An eventful visit

My sweet Aunt Teri and Grammy Net came to visit. We had such a great time. We went to D.C., had Mia's bday, had a tutorial on cooking a whole chicken, went swimming at hotel. Really, it was going so well....until poor Gram fell on the their 2nd to last day and broke her hip. So, she got to go to surgery and rehab for 10 days in a VERY unfamiliar place and in one of the roughest cities in the US. Fortunately, all went really well and she was able to get on a plane 10 days post op where she can be with gobs of family and Dr's that know her. Even thought that happened, I am so glad they came. The girls really got to know them and still point at the hospital every time we drive by it and want to go "see how Grammy is doing". Cant wait to see them again this summer.
6 hours before the fall. Doing so good!

Teri made this cute dress for Mia. Bri has a cute one too!

Mia finds the joy of riding a bike

'What about Bri' eating yogurt

Mia opening gift for 4 year bday

Kids are actually starting to play together!

Superbowl champs

This happened. Being a sports fan, I think its crazy we moved to a city where the team wins the superbowl. It was SO much fun. The people feed off this stuff like I have never seen. I will always love the Ravens because of this. 

Jen's bday/Parents come for a visit

We went to check out Annapolis for my bday. It was pretty cool; little harbor town with neat shops, etc. All was well until my mom got a wicked case of what I think was food poisoning... yikes. She was out for most of trip here but we managed to squeeze some fun stuff too. The best was getting a sitter and hitting the town for lunch/shopping/quality mom time that I miss so so much.

Easter week

Time with dad/late spring snow storm/national kite festival on the mall/hotel stay/temple visit. Pretty much sums it up

More Mia 4th bday pics

A wet/rainy FUN 4th birthday party

The party must go on. I made 60 cupcakes and wasnt about to do it again, so when rain was in the forecast for the bday party at the park, I asked Mia if it was okay if it rained at her birthday party. She paused, thought for a second, the exclaimed "I get to have a birthday RAINY party!! YAAYYY!. And so we lived it up, and it was a hit. We were all talking about how we are always saying no to puddle jumping and mud, but today was the day to say yes and let them at it. All the kids had so much fun. Only a few moms were dismayed and left promptly when they came around the corner and saw the party atmosphere. Some things are just too much fun for some people. Too bad for them (and there kids..)
Pics are pretty lame, but the memories are great!

Preschool Mother's Day party

Mia's preschool put on a song and brunch for the moms. It was so so cute! I was really impressed. All the artwork/decorations was done by the kids and had their picture on them, etc. It was so cute. It made me want to keep being her momma! This preschool has been the best thing about Baltimore.