Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

February 1, 2009

Fresh off a sunday afternoon nap- dont I look glamorous! This trail is my favorite thing about where we live
This ones for you mom... Hi baby girl!
Does this swan have sun glasses on? It is sunny in Austin but the sun is almost down- maybe she'll take them off in a few....
Poor swans. They thought we were going to feed them. Now I will know to save the ends of the bread and make it a ritual
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Jenny said...

LOVE the location and your surroundings where you live! Also LOVE your darling baby bump :)
So cute! I hope that it all goes well in your new you can't wait till there's a baby girl living there with you!

Patricia Hodge said...

really nice blog Jen. I have the same PJ pants from Old Navy. I 'm sure you needed to know that. Also, I worked with Dr Wheelock when she was a resident at Children's. I liked her a lot.


Jenny, you look so cute!!! i love seeing your baby bump. Ok so i didn't even know you moved...i am a terrible friend. Your place is great and yes i could see the lake and Location is important. I will email you.