Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

February 1, 2009

What are these and why does the top have a nob like that? They are pretty ugly (sorry) and super mean! They stay on the trail and guard it. There is one more that is really big, no nob and has a brownish colored neck. I think he is the male because he is always standing at a distance and these 3 are always squawking at him!
Two parks at our place! This one is down by the river and the other is just in front of our building within the complex. Yea!
Beautiful view from our house. These are houses on the other side of the river that are huge! One has a spotlight at night of the palm trees in the yard that have to be 100 feet high
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Monica said...

Is the park down by the river Zilker Park? We ventured down there a couple of weeks ago and thought it was fun!

The Cochrans said...

This park is just a little one by our house. Zilker is just on the other side of the river

Christine said...

Using just this post I could totally find you if I wanted to.
Love, your stalker;)