Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

November 7, 2009

In other news

We really do other stuff besides take pictures of baby girl, its just not as fun or interesting. For journaling sake, here is the latest with Mia's parents:

Jerry: If he were composing this it would be ho-hum bleh bleh so I will take the liberty of writing this for him so I can give you an actual update. He has really taken flight with his program here at UT Austin. He has lots of research projects in the works. Recently he was approved to conduct a research study regarding a statute that exists in some states called UPPL. If I knew how to insert a link here I would. Let me work on that:) This is awesome because it is his own work. He has some other papers that have been accepted for publication as well. He is done with course work after the summer and then its on to his comprehensive exam and dissertation. Lots of work lies ahead but he is so committed and disciplined that it all seems to work out for him. He isnt home much but we know that hard work now will pay off later, so we go along for the ride and support him 100%. The folks he works with seem to like him a lot and are always trying to get him to do more and more! The rest of his time is spent.. oh wait- that is all of his time!

Jen: The pace around here for me has picked up a bit. Now that Mia is a bit older I have been working some. I have ran some flu clinics for Valerie and also worked a few shifts. I had some good insight while I was away from Mia of why I dont miss working and why the most important place for me to be is home with her. Being home is harder, believe it or not, but I feel like the work I do at home is so valuable and will have an impact on Mia forever. I also have been taking care of a little girl a few days a week. Her name is Addison and her mom is good friends with Valerie. Having a 2 year old in the house and car and store (etc.) is sooo different and challenging. This girl defines the word mess! I made the decision to not buy or get attached to anything in my house because by the time Mia gets her hands all over it, it will be disgusting! She is a cutie though and I have enjoyed taking her to the park, library, etc. Her regular nannies had to go to Mexico for a family emergency but may be returning soon. Other than that, young women and college football consumes the rest of my time!

Jerry and I are excited for this holiday season. Thanksgiving will be low key as we are staying here. I am going out on a limb and will make a turkey. While my mom was here I had her make one so I would know what I was doing. I will admit, I was pretty grossed out. The whole sticking your hand up in the mix and getting stuff out, then rinsing it out, pretty sick. Then locking the legs back in wire- I have become such a lightweight I guess. I can do it though, it will be super!
For christmas we are headed to Utah. I am really hoping for some snow. I would love to get some snowboarding in. Jerry is able to go for 2 weeks and I am going to stay a bit longer than that. He has a conference in San Francisco in January, over his birthday, so we are going to make a trip out of it. I will fly from Utah and meet him there. Mia will get to have a party all weekend long with Grama and Papa Weller! We are all looking forward to it. She will be used to their house by then and to my mom so I dont think it will be too hard for her.


Jenny said...

Sounds like you've been busy! A 2-yr old named addison who makes messes? Hmmmm ;) haha, yes toddlers are a whole other ballgame! Can't wait for you to come for christmas! And I'm sure your thanksgiving will be great.

gumpin said...

Tell how a nurse is more grossed out fondling a dead bird than changing a puss-filled bandage!


you have had a fun fun that your parents could come down. good luck with the turkey! i haven't ever attempted one yet...i don't know if i want to either. your darling baby girl couldn't be any cuter...she is a DOLL. i love her grin, so kissable. sounds like you are staying busy. i need your address, would you mind emailing it to me?