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November 7, 2009

Mia- 6 months


My favorite things about my 6 month old:

Smiles! She is so smiley. She wakes up grinning ear to ear.
Personality- She is pretty funny. She makes noises to hear herself and to see what my reaction will be.
Curiosity- for the first time I am noticing her taking interest in things. What Im eating or doing, what is on the ground, noises, etc.
Movement- lucky for me she is still pretty immobile. She is learning how to gain ground while lying on the ground as she rolls back and forth. She doesnt go too far yet.
Jumper- She has this stationary jumper and she is a rockstar in it! She jumps and jumps and it makes her so happy.
Sleep- she still likes to sleep thank goodness. She sleeps long nights, however does more of a 30 minute power nap in the morning and evening. She is so happy its hard to make her sleep longer. Especially because each afternoon she takes a 2.5-3 hour nap. I count it as a blessing:)

My least favorite things about my 6 month old:

Messes! Having her try new foods for the first time is fun, but the spit up is colored, the diaper is messier, and her hands are in to everything. I think my non-messy baby days are over:(
Fits: She has this new high pitched, tear filled fit thing she tries out. She used to only do serious crying when she was in pain or something like that. Now it is a demand thing and I totally fall for it. She is teaching me though and I'm catching on.
Heavy car seat: I may have permanent back/arm/neck damage from hauling a heavy car seat plus a huge baby around. I rarely go into places without my snap n go for this reason.

I really have no complaints. She is the most amazing baby ever and I am learning so much from her. I hear 6-9 months is a whole new ball game, so here we go!
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Jenny said...

Adorable picture!! I LOVE this stage! Once 6 months hits,they get more and more fun and discover new things everyday. I love the smiles and giggles and personaltity that comes out. She's so sweet and cute. Seems like such a good baby! What a lucky mommy you are :)