Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

August 30, 2011

Still trying to beat the heat

The heat it pretty brutal. Record breaking temps and days of 100+, blah blah blah. I dont want to hear it, just want it to cool down. One day last week it dropped to the 90's and rained a bit and I didnt have to get naked and stand in front of fan as soon as I walked in the door. Mia is going to have a reality check one day when she sees people in their homes with clothes on. I am desperate at this point to keep cool. I have one indoor activity a day for Mia that is using someone elses A/C and is supposed to wear her out. I bought a groupon at Gymboree's play and learn center that gives us access to open gym times and one class a week for a month, which is turning out to be awesome. (see below) Dance class is quite the hit with her and she talks about it ALL week long and lists off her friends there and Miss Kristy is always on her mind. Everyday she asks if we are going to dance class. Makes me feel like a good parent.

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Tami said...

Love the pic of her in her ballet get up! She looks like shes pointing her toe!

Editt said...

I love it! You are a fun mom!