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August 30, 2011

Big Girl Bed

I have been going back and forth on what to do about moving Mia out of her crib. She has only made a few attempts to climb out and she sleeps so good in there, so I have been hesitant to mess with the force. However, I started having thoughts of her trying to climb out and it being close to baby sister's time to arrive and having too much transition at once. I also dont want her to feel like she is getting the boot when I decide to let the baby sleep in that crib. Maybe a few months before is a good time to do it. I started looking for a toddler bed on craigslist and then was addicted to the hunt. Found a deal, borrowed a very kind friend's van and a friend to come along and it was done. I left it in her room for a few days before having her sleep in it and every day we talked about how big she was and it was her bed, her pillow, her blanket, etc. I also took the crib bedding out and made it look like it "doesnt work". I took the plunge Sunday night and am amazed to report not one problem at nighttime. She reads some stories, says her prayers, I kiss her goodnight, and that is that. She hasnt gotten out of the bed once and stays relatively close to the head of the bed. Im shocked, actually. Naptime is a different story but today she napped just fine. Im compromising with quiet time and not coming out versus sleeping all the time. A work in progress I guess. I also got this dresser from Ikea and am officially ready for baby #2. Everything is out and put away and ready to go. Im losing steam and figured I should do all this now before I want to fall over:)

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Amanda said...

I totally understand how Craigslist can be addicting! I have fallen victim to that trap many a time. The bedding looks cute! Good choice!

Editt said...

Wow! Great job getting that all done. I'm not having a baby and I'm tired of just thinking about all the prep you have to go through to transition to a new little one. Good luck!