Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

October 27, 2011

Havent forgotten about Mia;)

So, my mom brought her winter coat from Utah so we can use it here this winter (I cant actually recall cold weather here but I imagine it will happen). She used this coat last winter when we were in Utah to play in the snow, etc. When she saw the coat, she wanted it on. Okay. Then she wanted shoes on. Hmm, okay. Then she wanted grandma to put her coat and shoes on. Uh oh. Then she wanted gloves. Crap. Its 92' outside. When I inquired of her plan.. "build a snowman with gwamma". Outside. now. play in snow. How does a kid remember from a year ago? She was pretty furious- gwamma was here, and so was her winter coat, and we are trying to tell her there is no snow. I giggled, not gonna lie



Minnie Mouse, her favorite:) Happy Halloween!
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