Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

November 13, 2011

Bitter sweet event

About 2 weeks after I had Bri, my grandpa, Darrell passed away. It was somewhat quick but I am relieved for him. He had recently broken his hip and bouncing back from that is hard for any 83 year old. My mom was here with me and we decided as a family that it was important and okay to take the girls and fly to Utah for the funeral. Im glad I went. Although it was sad to say goodbye to him, it was very fitting to have a newborn baby there for the family to be overjoyed with. I will miss him very much.


This is my grandma Lynette holding her newest great-grandbaby


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Jenny said...

bittersweet indeed...I'm so grateful your mom was with you so you could fly in for the funeral. I loved seeing sweet Bri in person. I will miss your Gramp very much.