Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

November 13, 2011

Week 3 with Bri

Thank goodness my mom came back from Utah with me and finished out her stay here with us. Thank you to my dad for sacrificing and letting her be here with me, right after his father/best friend passed away.

We just love this little peanut. As you can see in the pic below, Mia loves her too. In fact, she kind of wants to squeeze her extra tight, grits her teeth and makes me gasp everytime she gets near her. No harm yet, but I'm bracing myself for when she just cant contain all her love any longer...

What is that cumbersome looking brace thing on her you ask? Just that. A very awkward, bulky brace that makes it look like she has broken legs or back or something. She has hyp dysplasia. Mostly on the left, some on the right. Its essentially a dislocated hip. The head of her femur slips in and out of the hip joint. So, she gets to wear this awesome brace 23 hours a day for awhile (probably another couple of months). We go to the orthopedist every week to make sure its still fitting correctly on her rapidly growing body. She isnt in pain and doesnt even know that she is wearing the annoying thing. I'll be happy to see it go when we are done with it. Its getting in the way of all the cute outfits I want to put her in and newborn cuddle time:)

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