Pineview Dam- Eden, Utah

September 23, 2012

Slow down before you crash!

We have been in overdrive here for the past few weeks. What is funny is that I told everyone when I left Austin that I was going to lay low in Bmore, not meet or hang out with anybody, not go to bday parties of Mia's friends, just lay really low. I swear I tried. I didnt seek much of the craziness out that we are having but it is out of control. The good news is, I think I have a plan and its all organized chaos.

Jerry went to Austin and defended the beast (aka the PhD). He passed with flying colors! He only had to edit a few footnotes and do one other thing, all taking less than an hour and he was home free. We are so happy and relieved. He has some cool opportunities on the horizon and is getting along fine at Hopkins. He offically starts there in November but has an office and is working on projects. His office is in the old meth clinic, right below the monkeys. Literally. The monkeys that are used for drug trials are directly above his office.  A few times a day when they are given psychodelic drugs, it will rumble and his room will shake, sounding like thunder. I dont think I could do it...

We decided we needed a 2nd car. Public transportation to the Bayview campus of the Johns Hopkins where Jerry is at is not easy. We also feel like we are outgrowing our little Accord. Plus the a/c is shot. So, once the hunt started, it consumed us and we went for it. At this same time, we were trying decide on  health insurance for a 2 month gap we have until Hopkins starts in Nov. Well it turns out there are a lot of choices and also a lot of questions asked when your baby has hip dysplasia. I spent hours and hours setting it up and making appointments for the 2 month period for everything including eyes, teeth, hips, well checks, etc. So time consuming.

During this, I got a job. I applied at a peds hospital down the street from me that looks pretty small but didnt hear anything for over a month. Then, it all happened too fast. I had an interview, a day where I shadowed the units for a morning to see if I wanted to work there, another meeting to discuss what my options were, another meeting to convince them they needed to let me work one night a week. Then I was in. I completed 2 weeks of orientation that was 8-4:30, monday through thursday. I flew my mom out to do the childcare, which has been the most stressful part of all of this. I needed childcare but not on an ongoing basis, so I didnt want to find a center or hire a nanny. I also dont know a soul out here so the obvious choice was to fly out my momma. I was so greatful and it was so nice to know the girls were in better hands than they are with their own parents. We snuck in some eating and shopping and the Inner Harbor as well.

I worry about childcare day and night. Since I am just kind of piecing it together for the next 6 weeks,  nothing is for sure or set in stone. I think I have talked Jerry in to doing the majority of it, which will help. I also have a friend at church that is so laid back and 2 of 3 of her kids are in school and she is a nurse and understands and is willing to take the girls when I need. I also have a neighbor that has 3 teenage daughters that may pinch hit as well. Another girl from church is in transition with her job and has some time here and there. So, between all of that, lets just hope and pray it works out! If we can get through the next 6 weeks, we are home free.

Now that orientation is over, I follow a nurses schedule and work my way up to having a full patient load on my own. The shifts vary as far as days or nights. Its 2 days a week for 6 weeks. I have to worry about childcare and my sleep one week at a time, and so far its working. The hospital is  co-owned by Univ. of MD and Hopkins. Its a transitional type setting with 75 beds. One unit is all infants (drug withdrawal babies, nicu babes that arent acute anymore, management of syndrome kids with trachs/tubes, etc.). The other unit is kids with random random stuff (CP with mental impairment, submersion burns, kids that need management of chronic needs but arent acute). I will be on the infant unit, which freaks me out some because one nurse can have 3 trach/vent kids at once... I know they are stable but still. The hospital is 1 mile from my apt, tucked up in our neighborhood, so that is nice.

Today, Jerry was called as 1st counselor in the Bishopric. It was a nice 2 month break on Sundays while it lasted. We have a great ward and a great bishop. There is a lot of church service to be done here in downtown Baltimore. Simplicity in church programs is key here. I actually really like it.  He hasnt been with us on Sundays since Mia was 10 days old. I am not phased by it.

So there we are. Busier than I ever planned to be but happy to be doing what we are doing at the same time.  I am really excited for Fall and the holidays. I cant wait for Halloween and all that goes into that. It seems like this year Mia is old enough to get all of it and I cant wait! Its so much more fun through a child's eyes. We are planning a trip in a few weeks to visit Palmyra, NY. We have never been and are looking forward to a break and also a chance to visit some amazing church sites. 

Wish us luck in these next few weeks!


Heather said...

You should swing by Pittsburgh! I'll have a loaf of bread for you : )

Amber Brown said...

Congrats on the defense! The childcare thing SUCKS. It just does. I totally feel for you. I think some people find amazing providers but I don't seem to know that trick (or when I find them I can't hold on to them). But even with someone great watching your kids it's still so stressful. I'm sure it will work out--kids are resilient and can handle less than ideal for six weeks (and part-time) if it comes to that although it sounds like you have it pretty well covered. GOOD LUCK!!!! We need to come up there and go to the aqarium or something soon!

Kim said...

And with all of this you still came up to PA to see us. You're the best!!