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December 24, 2012

Christmas kid happenings

Preschool is the best thing that has happened here in Baltimore. Mia has the cutest friends there and its so low stress and pressure, I love it. Not to mention the 9 hours of toddler freedom each week for me. They had lunch with Santa one day and then put on a Christmas program on the last day of class with a party that followed. It was so cute Jerry and I couldnt stop smiling. .

 Vampire child. No, really. I think she is part vampire. A cute one at that.

We have done a few holiday activities but Im too cold and hurried to take a pic. We went to the train farm at the fire department today, which was fun. We also saw the 34th street lights in Baltimore City, which is a crazy street of row houses that goes ALL out. We have seen the DC temple lights twice. We went to the inner harbor and shopped and to the aquarium. Since we are staying home this Christmas, we are being very low key and being a family of 4. I made an advent calendar for Mia and she has loved that. Jerry took Mia to the movies today and Bri and I are making carmels, shrimp cocktail, and napping/blogging respectively:) We rarely are all home just being together so Im looking forward to it. Merry Christmas and we have lots of love in our hearts for our dear friends and family.. xo

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