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December 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Cruise

We had such a great time on a cruise with Jerry's dad and family over Thanksgiving. We departed from Miami and hit Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan (Honduras), and Grand Cayman. Days were well spent at the beach and cruisin around. The best part for Mia was probably spending time with her only cousins, Cambrie and Logan. They played and played. The kids also loved the beach and we all know what a sun lover mama dog is...

Jerry's dad and stepmom

 Cozumel. My favorite stop. We had a perfect beach spot and the weather was divine and peaceful:)

 Why my child insists on getting naked whenever she feels like it is a mystery. Okay well not really...
 Lots of naps for busy kids. This dolphin necklace she got never left her sight

 Isla Roatan.
 Storm a comin. It got crazy. Glad we had a rental car and a fluent spanish speaker aboard..

 Grand Cayman. Busy busy place but great fun

I need to take the time and write a do's and dont's when cruising with kids/babies. I got it down. There is quite a list of helpful hints in my mind
We had so much fun and everything went smoothly. Thanks to Grandpa Bill and Grandma Chris for a wonderful family vacation.

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